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It is preferable to wear flesh-toned undergarments with light-coloured uniforms.
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A Quebec-based manufacturer of sports clothing for over 22 years, in March 2007 we decided to create a nurses’ garment line dubbed Kiana. Today, 10 retailers across Quebec carry our clothing, and that number will likely double during the coming year.

Our clients are mostly nurses, orderlies, caregivers, aestheticians, massage therapists, lab technicians, and so on. Our primary objective is to regularly provide new patterns (chequered, striped, flower prints, etc.) for our most comfortable fabrics, at competitive prices.
To date, we have created over 40 different designs for uniform tops, as well as 14 distinct colour schemes for pants. We manufacture tops, pants, capris, split skirts and overalls. Moreover, all our designs are available in several sizes, such as XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL, and almost all fabrics we use are extensible.

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